Why Your Solace Face Covering is Earth Friendly

Why Your Solace Face Covering is Earth Friendly


Solace uses sustainable fabrics made from bamboo, silk and organic cotton for our face coverings. We always have a double layer for protection of you and those around you. Our inner layer is organic cotton and the outer layer is bamboo or silk.

Bamboo fabric delivers breathability, unique softness, antibacterial and mold resistance and has inherent hypoallergenic properties. Best of all it is sustainable and renewable with the capacity to grow one meter each day to bring more bamboo back to nature.

We also chose mulberry silk because it is inherently breathable, antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial. Silk production in China received the UNESCO Cultural Heritage designation in 2009 and has empowered many women to bring their families out of poverty. It has been made from silk worm fibers for over 4,000 years for clothing and bedding. This natural source does not irritate your skin even after prolonged wear. Silk also naturally helps prevent moisture from being absorbed or penetrated.

The organic cotton we use is certified by OEKO-TEX 100 to contain no harmful pesticides or chemicals. These chemicals are often used in standard cotton farm practices. It is softer and more durable without those chemicals. Organic cotton is better for our environment and you.


We use silicone to create the nose piece on your face covering because silicone is not plastic. It is made from silica found naturally in sand not from oil based hydrocarbons that most plastics are made from. There is no hazardous BPA and it will not decompose into micro plastics, so even if it ends up in landfill it will not harm our water.  Silicone is used for many medical devices because it is inherently bacterial resistant and safe on your skin. It is much more durable than plastic and with care can last up to 20 years.

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