Let's Reinvent the Modern Mask

Let's Reinvent the Modern Mask

As the world begins to open up again in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing a shift in the priorities of our health and wellness. It’s not just for ourselves, but for our families, our friends and our communities. 

One easy way to protect ourselves as well as those around us is the use of masks. 

There are many benefits to using them, including helping prevent the spread of viruses to those who may not be able to fight against it, but there are some issues with the current masks that we want to talk about and work to resolve.

1. Hot Air Anyone?

They get hot, which makes them very uncomfortable, and they cover a large portion of your face. With the humidity we are dealing with this summer, shouldn’t there be a way to stay comfortable while we are staying safe? 

2. Strapping in for the Long Haul

Our poor ears. Straps cause discomfort around the ears if you are wearing your mask for longer periods. The only other option are masks with straps that go around your head. If your day consists of the constant taking off and putting on, this can be disruptful and you’ll spend a lot more time adjusting your hair than getting anything else done in the day.

3. One Size Does NOT Fit All

While the masks cover a portion of your face, some basic masks don’t fit properly. You may find yourself always adjusting them as it moves around on your face. Masks can allow air to go through the sides or above your nose.  Anyone who wears glasses knows this, as they can constantly get fogged up.

4. How many masks does a girl need?

Being able to customize the colours and fabrics are an amazing way to show off your style. You can have a simple one that compliments your professional look, or one that is great for going to the gym or yoga class. One for date night or out on the town with the crew. I don’t know about you, but I find myself making sure the mask won’t clash with what I am wearing. Right now, there is no customization. How can we change the fabrics without having to change the mask? 


If we can resolve the issues that the typical mask bears, we can bring you a modern, minimalist design that is as unique as your own style, with all the benefits of wearing a protective mask. 

With new styles comes new planning. We don’t want to be wasteful with materials, processes or manufacturing. Along with our personal health and wellness, we are always thinking of ways to create with little to no impact to our environment as a whole. 

We are in the early stages of finding the best suppliers that share our ethical and sustainable values, as we continue researching modern and advanced ways to manufacture components safely while reducing our carbon footprint.

What are some issues with masks that you wish to resolve? Let us know below.

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