How to Wear Solace Properly and Comfortably

How to Wear Solace Properly and Comfortably

We have all gotten used to wearing face coverings masks over the last couple of years. Typically, all face masks are the same. They cover your face from the nose bridge to under the chin and from ear to ear. Since so many coverings are the same standard size, it is pretty easy to know what to buy to fit.

Until Solace was introduced this past Spring. It doesn’t cover your face ear to ear. In fact, it doesn’t have any straps or loops that go around your ears at all.

This has people asking us how it stays on, and the brilliance of the design is the unique nose piece. This portion of Solace doesn’t cover the bridge of your nose, but actually creates a proper seal and sits on the end of your nose and is kept in place with a wire piece surrounded by silicone that you can adjust.

How to Wear Solace?

We find the best way to put Solace on is to ensure the choker is at a large enough size to fit over your head. Once over your head, you can adjust the nosepiece in place. This creates a simple, yet comfortable seal for your nostrils. Once this is comfortable, move the wire piece higher on your nose bridge to keep Solace in place. 

This is the best time to tighten the choker (bolo or chain piece) to the best comfort to help ensure the fabric stays in place over your mouth. 

The way Solace sits on your face is a little more unique than other face coverings and masks. The nose piece allows the fabric to sit off your face, making it easier to talk, breathe and go about your daily routine. This makes it kinder on your skin, reducing the chance of makeup smudging and acne breakouts.

So How Do You Measure for the Best Fit of Solace?

Our BPA-free nose piece is universal, meaning it comes in one size and it fits all face shapes and sizes. Created using silicone, it makes wearing super comfortable and not to mention, a more sustainable practice than using plastics.

What we look for in our sizing guide is how big or small the fabric piece needs to be to securely fit you, with no gaps and ensure wearing is comfortable.

To know your proper size, we urge all wearers to measure from where your nose meets your lip (just above the philtrum) to the bottom of the chin and strongly encourage you to measure twice before purchasing. We offer 2 different ways for you to measure, with our Printable Sizing Guide, or to use a measuring tape, with either a mirror or a friend to help you. 

Measure Twice, Purchase Once

If you find yourself at the smaller end of a size, we strongly recommend sizing down to ensure proper fit and comfort while wearing. 

An example of this is if you measure (twice) and show you are Size Large, with a measurement of 66mm/2.62in, we recommend going with Size Medium. Since each size ranges with different measurements in millimetres or inches, we find the best fit in the smaller sizes. If you have measured 68mm/2.68in, we would recommend Size Large.

Due to the nature of our products, finding the best size the first time is essential. Being a wellness product used on your face, covering your essentials to keep those around you safe, we cannot exchange for sizes if the wrong one is ordered.


If you find you need assistance in picking the perfect size, please contact Solace. A member of our team will gladly help find the right size for you.

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