How to Keep Your Face Covering Eco-Friendly

How to Keep Your Face Covering Eco-Friendly

Face masks are one of our primary protection to combat the spread of COVID-19. It is a requirement for us to protect ourselves and others. While this virus should be one of our primary concerns, let’s not forget about the environmental impact of face masks. 

You can still protect yourself and others while also protecting the environment. You just need to learn how to be sustainable in using face masks. In this article, we will discuss how you can keep your face masks eco-friendly so that you can protect Earth’s health as well. 

What Types of Masks Can You Wear?

There are different kinds of masks available in the market, but the two main types include Close Proximity and Preventative. 

Close Proximity is the one that health workers use since it can catch the smallest aerosol particles. It is perfect for people working in high-exposure environments. The N95 and surgical masks are examples of close proximity. 

On the other hand, preventative masks are masks with two or more layers that do not have exhalation vents. These types of masks effectively reduce the spray of respiratory droplets, perfect for preventing the transmission of COVID-19. 

How Can a Single-Use Face Mask Affect the Environment? 

Close proximity masks are disposable. Some can only be worn 2-3 times, and should be disposed of if visibly soiled or torn, meaning these don’t last for too long. Given that, disposing close proximity masks alone creates tons of litter. Imagine how much waste there is in just a day and how it can affect the environment, especially if not disposed of properly? 

Mask litter contributes to the microplastics in the biosystem. This poses a threat to aquatic life and wildlife. Not to mention if the ear loop of the masks is uncut because wildlife can be trapped or choked through that loop. 

As a close proximity mask user, you should dispose of your face masks properly, especially if you are working in a highly exposed environment. You should not throw it away without the mask being enclosed within an impermeable vessel like a plastic bag. 

How Can You Keep Your Face Masks Eco-Friendly? 

The best way to take care of the environment while protecting ourselves from the virus is by using preventative cloth masks. Preventative cloth masks are reusable and recyclable. Overall, they have a longer shelf life compared to close proximity disposable masks. If you use cloth masks, you don’t have to throw them away as often as the traditional masks. When cloth masks are through their use cycle, they can be easily disposed of in other ways other than the trash. Cotton and silk fabrics can be cut into strips and safely composted. This alone makes it a sustainable option since you can decrease your personal waste. If you have fewer wastes, less harm can be done to the environment. 

How Can Solace Help You?

If you want to switch to eco-friendly options when it comes to face masks, Solace has the right products for you. Solace uses organic, sustainable bamboo, silk, and cotton fabrics that are gentle on the skin, making it comfortable even while wearing it for long. 

We also have a BPA-free silicone nose piece that seals tight, giving you fog-free glasses. Our pieces are handcrafted by local artisans and designers using limited-edition fabrics, ensuring we deliver our promise to lower carbon emissions and boost local job creation. 


It is possible to mitigate both environmental and health risks. You just have to learn how to be sustainable in using face masks. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly solutions in mitigating the spread of the virus, thanks to preventative cloth masks. Still, the best way to protect everyone is through abiding by health guidelines regarding social distancing and wearing face masks properly. 

If you are looking for sustainable face coverings, Solace has got what you need! We create iconic face coverings that are in your best interest, elevating your personal wellness and style. We honour the creation of sustainable, mother earth-friendly products using renewable materials. Browse our shop and place your order with us today!

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